At A World of Decor Upland, we provide our loyal shoppers with look and feel as if you are walking into a museum filled with treasures with a broad assortment of ever-changing inventory that you won't find anywhere. The only thing that remains the same is our low prices and creative one of a kind items for your Home Decor . We also have helpful sales associates who are happy to assist you in finding the right item at the right price to fit your budget and shopping needs. We will ensure that your visit is satisfactory.

We feature Merchandise that is elegant, classy and entertaining for your guests. Our customer's feel like they are at home when they visit and find exciting bargains at the same time.

Our impressive showroom meets our clients shopping needs. What’s more, it attracts more sellers every year, guaranteeing an ever-expanding inventory. Come check it out firsthand why A World Of Decor in Upland is the number one choice to buy your items. Contact us today!

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Home Decor

Find the perfect piece for your home office or Special Occasion. Consider our home decor selection when seeking inspiration to make your space feel more like home.

Lighting And Chandeliers

When you want to impress your guests and bring the best in comfort to your home, then & lighting and chandeliers solutions are the way to go. Our team of interior designers will work with you to find the right source of lighting for your home and will install gorgeous chandeliers that will add class and elegance to any interior design while providing warm rich lighting. So if you want the very best in lighting solutions for your home, consider giving us a call for lighting and chandelier installation today.

Victorian, French & Italian Furnishings

For many homeowners, there are no fancier designs than those coming from the industry’s favorite Victorian, French, and Italian design. When you’re looking for these designs then many decorators like you trust the design consultations provided by our team. We are experts at using the traditions of Victorian, French, & Italian design to create a unique look for all of our clients that is both beautiful and memorable. To learn more, please call us today.

Drapes, and curtains

Your windows are more than just a way to see the outside world, as they say a lot about the love you put into your home design. So why not show your home the love with curtains & window treatments provided by our team. We are experts at using simple design elements, such as sills, glass, and fabric to give your home the beautiful look that it deserves. Best of all is that when you call our design team for a consultation, we’ll work with you to match your existing design so that you can save time and money on decorating.

Vintage Antiques

When you are collecting or decorating your home with antiques, then you want only the very best and that’s why you want to shop for the vintage antiques that we offer. Our team can help you find the right vintage looks and antiques to compliment your design goals and personal style so that your home or office makes a strong statement about who you are. We bring history back to life! Our team will even help by offering design consultation to help you make simple changes that go a long way towards complimenting your new antiques. Call today.

Custom Designs

We design Home Decor making it One of a Kind. Feel free to bring something from home so that we can design it for you.

Wedding Center Pieces

Does your wedding need an amazing addition to tie its theme together? Do you want a beautiful and memorable decoration that each and every guest can enjoy? Then call our designers for amazing wedding centerpieces. We work with our clients to create original and timeless wedding centerpieces that will be a special treat for you and all of your guests to enjoy. Many of our clients have loved our creative solutions to centerpiece decorating, which can include flower arrangements, romantic lighting, crystals, shapes, and more. So when you want amazing looking centerpieces for your next wedding, give us a call.

Fashion Jewelry

Have you ever wanted the look of gorgeous jewelry without the need for pricey gemstones? Then our designers can help with our wide range of fashion jewelry. These gorgeous pieces will add detail and color to your outfits without hurting your wallet. You’ll be able to celebrate the seasons or stand out in any crowd with these incredible and fun jewelry pieces. Your friends and loved ones will be impressed by the fashion looks you can design. So if you want an original and gorgeous look for your next outfit or event, don’t forget to include our fashion jewelry. Call today to learn more.

Jeweled Crowns

Do you want to look and feel like royalty? Then you can’t miss out on ordering your very own jeweled crown from our shop. Every crown comes with many classic crown designs all decorated with a wide variety of colorful jewels. These jeweled crowns are the perfect way to add style and beauty to your royalty experience. Many of our clients love these crowns for themed parties, incredible costume accessories, private fun, and more. You could join the fun with these incredible accessories by visiting our shop or calling to order your jeweled crowns. Don’t miss out on your royal experience.

Flower Arrangements

Do you want a gorgeous and classical decoration for your home or special event? Then call us today for our flower arrangements service. We specialize in adding beautiful flower pieces to homes and special events that you and your loved ones will love. Your guests and friends will be impressed and amazed by how our expertly crafted flower arrangements can tie your room together. We work with all kinds of flowers, both real and plastic, to give you control over your flower arrangements. When you want the very best decorations for your important events, then why settle for anything less. Call today to learn more.


Did you know that mirrors aren’t just for your dressing room? Mirrors are the hot new item to add beautiful and timeless designs to many of your favorite rooms. Just imagine, you could own a beautifully designed hallway mirror that you and your family can enjoy on their way out on errands. You could add mirrors to bedrooms for an easier way to find your ideal fashion for your day. We can even help you find stylish hand or palm-sized mirrors that are perfect for touch-ups on the go. When you want gorgeous mirrors for your home or life, then give us a call today.



We sell new and used items. We are a consignment store. we sell a wide variety of selection which includes new and used items. Most of our items are " one of a kind" We bring History to life in Antiques and Vintage items giving them a beautiful new look and finish. Products are sold as-is.


We have only one physical store which is located in Upland, CA.


Well, it depends. Come and make a reasonable offers. The more you buy the more you save!!


We do. If a customer pays the item in full and leaves to bring a bigger truck to carry the items we will hold the product for 24 hours for them. We can also recommend delivery staff however, you as the customer will have will need to contact them directly.


Of course you can. Just bring them over to our store and we will appraise the items and offer you cash.

* Mirrors

* Jewelry

* Purses

* Earrings 

* Neckless  

* Fashion jewelry

* Lamps

* Lamp Shades

* Capodimonte

* Limoges

* Mason

* Lladro

* Clocks

* Grandfather clocks 

* Oil paintings

* Italian furnishing

* French furnishing

* Victorian furnishing

* Candelabras

* Dinnerware

* Silverware

* Office Desks

* Pillars

* Pedestals

* Fireplace 

* Wall decor 

* Bedroom sets 

* Dining room sets 

* Fine crystals

* Porcelain Statues

* Silk flowers   

* Weddings 

* Wedding decor

* Picture frames

* China cabinets

* Curio cabinets  

* Thrown chair

* Sconces

* Console tables

* Entry tables

* Vintage mirrors 

* Garden Statues

* Bed Crowns

* Curtain rods

* Curtain knobs

* And one of a kind home decor that you won't find anywhere